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The Benefits of My Remote Dental Assistant

Jenn St. Pierre is a dental assistant turned entrepreneur during the COVID pandemic. She is the founder and owner of My Remote Dental Assistant. Jenn is one of the first people I connected with as I was beginning to prepare for the launch of my Dental Home care service AccommoDental. Her service is incredibly useful for house call dentists as well as Chairside dentists, so no matter who you are, you are going to want to hear what she has to say. Click here and listen to the podcast.

My Remote Dental Assistant

In short, My Remote Dental Assistant is a service that allows dental offices and dental laboratories to connect with a Remote Dental Assistant and vice versa. Jenn describes her own experience as a registered Dental assistant as part of the inspiration to starting this venture. In 2018 she landed a remote patient treatment coordinating position in California while working in an office on the East coast. “I worked there for 2 years and I loved it…that really kind of stuck with me,” said Jenn.

Everything changed when the pandemic hit. Many dental practices had to close their doors and during this time Jenn investigated what opportunities would help dental offices and their workers busy. My Remote Dental Assistant was born. Jenn and her team screen qualified assistants which cuts down on time wasted looking into hundreds of resumes during hiring. Jenn will work one on one with businesses and assistants to ensure successful virtual dental assistant implementation, also.

Jenn is generously offering ResiDENTAL Movement listeners 20% OFF My Remote Dental Assistant services if you use promo code: PODCAST

How a Remote Dental Assistant is a great addition to your Home Dental care

There is a plethora of services that a remote dental assistant can provide, including:

  • Scheduling

  • Patient treatment coordinating

  • Requesting records

  • Answering calls

  • Insurance-related tasks

  • Organization

  • Office-to-office coordinating

  • Data entry

  • Research

  • Marketing and managing social media

  • Personal and financial assisting and more

3 Benefits of Having a Remote Dental Assistant

Customer service

I understood the value of a remote dental assistant after playing phone tag with an angry patient for a week. I felt awful about letting him down. The difference between working alone without a remote dental assistant and working with one is night and day for my business. Even if I can't personally be available for my phone calls, AccommoDental, still needs to be able to respond to patients.

No need for office space

If you are a house-call dentist, chances are you are working from your home. Having a remote assistant allows you to work as a team, just remotely. No need to invest in real estate.


After the daily grind of packing up, lifting instruments, long drives, administrative tasks can fall behind. I cannot begin to express the relief of delegating certain tasks. It's emotionally relieving and provides better service to patients.

As always, whether you decide to pursue dental home care or not, you can still support the patients who need at-home dental care by contributing to Home Smile Care Foundation. This is an organization founded by loved ones and myself to provide grants to patients who cannot afford dental home care. Check out for more information.

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