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Preventing DIY Dentistry

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Cosmetic Mobile Dentistry

Hey everybody, meet Dr. Tatum Miles founder of Brighter Smiles PLLC. She is another mobile dentist and she offers different services than my home care service, AccommoDental. Dr. Miles was introduced to mobile dentistry on a mobile bus during dental school. When she opened her mobile practice she added a fun, cosmetic twist to it. Dr. Miles provides dental jewelry, like "grillz," and teeth whitening. Her mobile services bridge the gap between jewelers and dentists which helps prevent DIY dentistry.

Mobile Dentistry & Other Employment Options

Dr. Miles takes advantage of locum opportunities on the days she isn't focusing on her mobile practice. She's the perfect example of practicing as a mobile dentist in coordination with another job. Locum opportunities can be a great experience to learn and experience chairside dentistry while building your mobile practice. Dr. Miles explains more about her Locum position where she works Monday to Thursday and she is free to schedule and travel to her Brighter Smiles clients on the remaining days.

Connect with Dr. Tatum Miles.

You should have access to as many mentors as possible while you're building your dental home care services. Dr. Miles would be more than happy to connect with you on Instagram @thepivotqueen. She is another mobile dentist that wants the ResiDENTAL Movement to grow.

For more information, follow her practice, Brighter Smiles, on social media.

Ultimately, whether you decide to pursue dental home care or not, you can still support the patients who need at-home dental care by contributing to Home Smile Care Foundation. This is an organization founded by myself and my loved ones to provide grants to patients who cannot afford dental home care. Check out for more information.

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