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E65: Helpful Advice on Packing & Prepping for House-Call Visits

Even with good intentions, patients often struggle to accurately describe their dental issues. They might report a "loose bridge," which could actually be something different, like a loose partial. Unlike traditional dental offices, house-call dentists must carefully prepare and bring a variety of tools based on these potentially inaccurate reports.

Preparation is key in house-call dentistry. For a loose bridge, I pack cement, an explorer, floss, and more. I also need to consider the possibility of a loose partial, broken resin, or non-restorable teeth and pack accordingly. This extensive planning is crucial to ensure I’m ready for any eventuality given the unreliable initial patient reports. To avoid misunderstandings, my practice advises that treatment might not happen until after an initial exam. 

Even for existing patients with previous records, I must be thorough in preparation. Teledentistry has its limitations and cannot fully replace in-person exams. This meticulous planning and adaptability are essential in house-call dentistry, and in this episode, I hope to illustrate some of the basics of this preparation and packing process. I go into much more detail about this topic and so much more in my online course, Dental House Call Practice Academy or DHCPA. Check out the link to find out more! Thank you for considering house-call dentistry as a career and as always I really appreciate you. 

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