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E62: Why Good Marketing Is Actually a Service to Your Patients

Are you considering a career in house-call dentistry but feeling hesitant about marketing your services? This week I want to share some motivating words with you, inspired by the insights I impart to my Dental House Call Practice Academy students. Consider this episode a pep talk, guiding you through the importance of marketing in the world of in-home dental services. After all the planning and preparation, it's crucial to announce your in-home dental services to the world. Your practice won't launch itself magically! Marketing plays a pivotal role in connecting you with your potential patients. In the past, traditional dentists may have relied solely on word-of-mouth, but in today's digital age, spreading the word is key.

In the past marketing your dental services was often stigmatized as "icky" by old-school professionals. However, times have changed, and marketing is now recognized as a valuable tool to reach those who need your services the most. By viewing marketing as a service to your patients, you can shift your mindset from reluctance to enthusiasm. Also, marketing isn't just about promotion; it's also an opportunity to educate and build relationships with potential patients. Sharing relevant and helpful information in your ads or social posts can benefit patients even before they meet you. Additionally, showcasing your personality through marketing materials can help prospective patients feel more comfortable with your practice.

By keeping service at the core of your marketing efforts, you can authentically connect with those who need your specialized care. Remember, marketing your house-call practice is a service to the individuals you aim to help. Your patients need to know you're available to assist them, and effective marketing is the bridge that connects you with those in need. Share the news about your practice proudly. So just a reminder, consider marketing an integral part of your commitment to providing exceptional dental care and be proud to promote your services, your future patients will thank you! 

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