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E60: Why Aren’t Dental House Calls More Widely Available?

This week’s episode is inspired by a conversation I had with a fellow Dentist this past weekend. Mind you this was by no means a planned chat or networking event. My husband Chris, baby Robinson, and I traveled to the Long Island area of New York for a jiu-jitsu tournament that Chris was competing in. Now Typically jiu-jitsu is the least violent martial art. There’s no kicking, no punching, and it isn’t bloody.  But as luck would have it Chris chipped a tooth during one of his matches. Luckily in the New York City area, there are plenty of Dentists open on a Sunday morning. So we got that tooth restored and his smile is as good as new.

However, when Chris was getting numb, his nice dentist asked me about my practice. When I told him that it’s a house-call practice, his first remark was “There’s a lot less competition in that.” This comment got me thinking, why aren’t dental house-call practices more widely available? Why is there such little competition? In this episode, I want to shed some light on the historical reasons behind the scarcity of house-call practices and challenge the existing norms in the dental industry. In addition, I want to address some key challenges that house-call dentists face, including ergonomic concerns, safety considerations for in-home visits, and questions about the profitability of a house-call practice.

By dissecting these barriers and offering practical solutions, such as embracing evolving dental technologies I believe a paradigm shift towards more inclusive and flexible dental care solutions is inevitable. This is exactly why I started Dental House Call Practice Academy, an online course designed to guide prospective house-call dentists through the many ins and outs of starting their practice, ensuring they're well-prepared to embark on this rewarding journey. By fostering awareness, and collaboration among healthcare providers, and empowering dentists to embrace innovation, I truly believe a revolution in dental care is within reach.


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