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E59: The Importance of Community for New Dentists with Dr. Ellie Halabian

On Today’s episode of the Residential Movement Podcast, we have a special guest, Dr. Ellie Halabian, the founder of the Teeth Matter Podcast, a community for dentists navigating the challenging career path of dentistry. Dr. Halabian's journey from public health to various dental settings in New York City reflects the quest for work-life harmony shared by many house-call dentists. In this episode, she breaks down her transition from public health to private dentistry and explains how it mirrors the diverse paths dentists can take in their careers. Her aim to find balance resonates with house-call dentists seeking harmony between work and personal life. By founding the Teeth Matter Podcast and community, Dr. Halabian has created a platform for dentists to connect, learn, and support each other in this demanding profession.

During this episode, Dr. Halabian explains how connecting with like-minded dentists in your community can provide valuable support and insights. As regular listeners know, house-call dentistry offers a unique way to diversify one's practice and find the equilibrium many dentists aspire to achieve. However, there are also additional ways that you can diversify your practice and Dr. Halabian’s quest to build a career within varying practices, each with its own unique challenges is a shining example of how young Docs can find fulfillment and financial security in this current market. 

In addition to Dr. Halabian’s incredible insights, this week I’m also sharing some incredibly exciting news! enrollment for the Dental House Call Practice Academy (DHCPA) is now open. This online course offers a comprehensive guide to establishing and growing a dental house call practice, covering everything from practice naming to patient acquisition and equipment preparation. Join this cohort to kickstart your journey in house call dentistry and visit the website to enroll. The dental community is a testament to the power of collaboration and shared knowledge among dentists. Remember, whether you're exploring house call dentistry or looking to enhance your current practice, there are resources and communities like DHCPA to support you on your professional journey.

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