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E58: Do I Need a Van for My Dental House-Call Practice?

When people first discover that I’m working as a house-call dentist the first question they often ask is if I have a van. Well, the truth is up until this past week I didn't have a van. My patients require care in their homes and would not benefit from a mobile dental unit. One of the huge benefits of starting a dental house-call practice is the minimal initial investment required compared to starting a traditional brick-and-mortar practice. House-call practitioners avoid the substantial expense of office space and hiring a large staff. This being said, a reliable form of transportation is one of your most important investments. 

For years my trusty Toyota Corolla served not only as my means of transporting dental equipment to patients' homes but also as my vehicle during my stint as an Uber driver. Despite the unconventional setup, I managed to operate efficiently for nearly three years, until my growing family necessitated an upgrade to a minivan. This change wasn't prompted by the need for a dental van but rather to better accommodate my equipment and ensure the safety of baby Robinson. In this episode, I wanted to remind listeners that to get started as a house-call dentist they don’t have to start with a van. As your practice grows you can always upgrade to a van to accommodate equipment or your practice's unique needs. 

I also want to remind Docs of the importance of keeping in mind the many tax advantages that come with operating a house-call dentistry practice, such as vehicle expense deductions and the potential for a significant deduction under section 179 of the tax code for vehicles used predominantly for business. In addition, it is so important to utilize tools like QuickBooks for meticulous bookkeeping and consulting with a tax professional to maximize these benefits. If you are not familiar with QuickBooks feel free to click the link here to save 30% on the first 6 months of their services.

Lastly, I want to extend an invitation to listeners interested in house-call dentistry to consider enrolling in Dental House Call Practice Academy, an online course designed to guide prospective house-call dentists through the many ins and outs of starting their practice, ensuring they're well-prepared to embark on this rewarding journey with or without a van.


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