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E57: Why NOW Might Be the Right Time to Start Your Dental House-Call Practice

Regular listeners to The ResiDential Movement Podcast know how much I enjoy reading and how continued reading and education shape both my worldview and my House-Call Practice. In fact, in October 2023 I dedicated an entire episode to how reading can make us more informed and empathetic Practitioners. In this week's episode, I wanted to share my thoughts on a book I recently finished, 'Die With Zero' by Bill Perkins. This incredible book challenges the conventional wisdom of saving as much money as possible for the end of one's life. Instead, Perkins argues for a life spent maximizing experiences and fulfillment by strategically utilizing one's financial and temporal resources. 

The book's central thesis is that many people work hard to accumulate wealth but often fail to enjoy the fruits of their labor, leaving behind their peak net worth upon death. This can represent a missed opportunity for personal enjoyment and impact. Perkins suggests a more balanced approach to spending and saving, encouraging people to spend on meaningful experiences throughout their lives and consider the timing and impact of their expenditures to enhance their and others' lives. Upon reflecting on the book’s philosophy I realized how many parallels his ideas have with planning for a future in either Private Practice or House-Call Dentistry! The timing of entering the House-Call field can greatly affect one's enjoyment and effectiveness in the role. Factors such as physical fitness, financial stability, and personal fulfillment are critical elements in deciding when to pursue a career in House-Call Dentistry.

While patients may require immediate assistance, the decision to pursue this path should align with both physical readiness and financial stability. Finding the balance between readiness and opportunity is crucial in maximizing the impact of a Dental House-Call career. Though the financial rewards may be greater in the long run as an owner, the timing and potentially overwhelming debt incurred by starting your own practice might stifle your best years for giving back and making an impact. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Are you looking to save before starting your House-Call Practice or is right now the best time to take the leap? Let me know at


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