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E56: Can You Be a House-Call Dentist Without Completing a Residency?

This week, The ResiDental Movement Podcast returns after a few weeks off to welcome Baby Robinson into our family and household. Initially, I did not plan on taking a break from the podcast, but I quickly discovered what any parent already knows, babies take a lot of work and a lot of time and energy! My sincerest thanks to the audience for their understanding during my brief hiatus. My perspective on what constitutes 'real work' has humorously evolved, especially in light of managing a newborn's needs. However, it’s always a joy to bring you this show and I’m happy to be back to bring you my insights and perspectives on House-Call Dentistry.

This week I’m addressing a question I received from a brand-new Doc. The Listener wrote in to ask, “If I haven't completed a residency, can I still be a House-Call dentist? The short answer to this question is no. There is no special kind of certification or training to become a House-Call Dentist. My GPR helped me become more confident working with medically complex patients, and it gave me a lot of relevant experiences to make this work easier for me. I definitely think residencies are very helpful, however, while formal education and residencies hold value, nothing compares to hands-on experience, especially in House-Call Dentistry! Every Doc’s path is unique of course but sometimes, practical experience can surpass theoretical learning. 

Speaking of learning, In this episode I also break down my new role at The University of Buffalo School of Dental Medicine. One day a week I’ll be aiming to demystify House-Call Dentistry for students while helping to educate them on broader access to care. This is an exciting opportunity for me and in many ways an extension of the work that I’ve been doing with Dental House Call Practice Academy. If you’re not familiar with (DHCPA), it’s an online course designed to guide dentists in establishing their own House-Call practices. By outlining the benefits and flexibility of this model, I hope to inspire dentists to explore alternative career paths. 

I envision a future where dental home care is normalized within the profession, a change made possible by the pioneering efforts of current and future dentists. There is vast potential within the dental profession for innovation and adaptation and whether you have completed a residency or not House-Call Dentistry has a place for you!


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