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E55: Joyce Go From Enable Dental on Why a DSO Might Be Right For You

In this special episode of The ResiDental Movement Podcast, I sit down with Joyce Go from Enable Dental for an in-depth chat about portable dentistry and the opportunities it presents for dental professionals. Joyce has nearly ten years of experience in the portable dentistry space.  She is very passionate about meeting the oral health needs of the underserved. In the past, Joyce has coordinated dental outreaches in underserved parts of Asia and Africa. Her mission-mindedness carries over into her current role as the Senior Vice President of Business Development at Enable Dental where she develops strategic partnerships with large organizations to bring oral health care to seniors and adults with special needs.

In this interview, Joyce shares deep insights into Enable Dental's operations, including their expansion across 11 states and 19 markets, offering dental care to seniors and adults with special needs. We discuss the dynamics of working with a portable DSO and the unique challenges faced by providers in this setting. The conversation also delves into the logistics of conducting dental procedures in various locations, from senior living facilities to personal residences, while emphasizing the importance of effective communication and coordination with patients and their families.

Our wide-ranging discussion also covers topics such as compensation models, the emotional challenges of serving patients with dementia, and the potential for integrating teledentistry into portable dental practice. As the episode concludes Joyce provides valuable insights for dentists considering a career in portable dentistry, highlighting the diverse opportunities it offers and the potential for innovation and advocacy within the field. Tune in for this candid and informative episode, packed with practical advice and inspiring stories from the world of portable dentistry. Also don’t forget to check out the Dental House Call Practice Academy (DHCPA). It's the online course where I guide you step by step through building your dental house call practice. Click the link to join the waitlist.

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