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E54: Confessions of a Pregnant House Call Dentist

This week I wanted to give you a peek behind the scenes of how these podcast episodes come together. When you listen to an episode, it's not always recorded on the same day. There's editing and coordination involved, especially when I have guests on the show. But I've got some awesome guest episodes coming up for you soon. I usually try to make the podcast episodes timeless, so they're helpful whenever you listen to them.

But today's episode is a bit different because if you're listening to this on the day it goes live, it's my due date! Yep, I'm expecting my first kiddo in just a few days, so I wanted to share my perspective on being a pregnant house-call dentist.

I've been able to work right up until my due date, adjusting my schedule and appointments as needed. It's been a smooth and healthy pregnancy, which I'm grateful for. During my pregnancy, I've had a number of funny and sweet interactions with my patients, as well as the occasional sexist or snide remarks. In this episode, I elaborate more on some of the challenges, surprises,  and unexpected joys of pregnancy as a House-Call Dentist!

Also, for some time now I've been making my plans on how to take a few weeks off after the baby arrives! If learning how to adjust your schedule for leave is something you're interested in hearing about, feel free to email me at I'd love to share more about my experience with you.

In addition, if you're considering House-Call dentistry as a career, don't forget to check out the Dental House Call Practice Academy (DHCPA). It's the online course where I guide you through building your dental house call practice. Click the link to join the waitlist.

Thanks for tuning in, and thanks for considering House-Call Dentistry. I really appreciate you being part of the ResiDENTAL Movement community!



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