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E53: Can House Call Dentists Make Chairside Dentist Money?

This past week, I had the honor of speaking to students at my wonderful Alma Mater, The University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine. It's funny how things change! After graduating, I never thought I'd be back there so soon. However, I was invited to speak to dental students about House-Call Dentistry, and how it transformed my life. This year's presentation was extra special as one of the students told me she had already heard about House-Call dentistry from The ResiDENTAL Movement Podcast! It's amazing to see students who are ahead of the curve. That's what the podcast is all about - encouraging more dentists and students to explore House-Call dentistry.

Speaking with this group of students was so exciting because I had some incredible news to share. I've accepted a one-day/week faculty position at UB! This allows me to contribute to the curriculum and discuss alternative delivery systems and access to care, including House-Call Dentistry. I'm beyond grateful for this opportunity to spread the word and increase access to care through formal dental education.

Now, onto a question I received from a student:

"Can a House-Call Practice provide a reasonable and equitable income?"

The short answer is yes, House-Call Dentists can make or even exceed chair-side Dentist money. As a House-Call Dentist, you control the factors that determine your income. You set your fees, and your schedule, and decide if you'll have supplemental income from other sources. It's all about setting a minimum show-up fee, determining your service fees, and scheduling enough appointments to earn the income you want.  Yes, you may have to charge high fees for the premium service of house-call dentistry, but it's worth it. Taxes are also something to consider as a House-Call Dentist, visit my link at QuickBooks for 30% off for the next 6 months!  

While exclusively practicing House-Call dentistry may not make you the highest-earning Dentist, it does provide an income fit for a dentist and a schedule that most Docs would envy! If you're interested in learning more about starting your Dental House- Call practice, consider joining Dental House Call Academy. It's my online course where I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about getting started!

Thanks for listening! I really appreciate you.




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