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E51: Why Choosing The Right Lab Is Vital For Your House Call Practice

In this episode, I want to delve into the topic of choosing the right lab for your House-Call Dental Practice. I've found that selecting the right lab is crucial for ensuring a positive experience for my patient's long-term care and overall wellness. I’ve taken some time to break down an outline to highlight some key factors to consider when choosing a lab for your future or current practice.

1. Procedures Offered: It's essential to align the procedures you offer with the expertise of the lab. Whether it's fixed, removable, ortho, or aesthetic procedures, finding a lab that specializes in the type of work you do is incredibly important.

2. Quality: Opting for a high-quality dental lab is paramount. The fit, look, and patient satisfaction with the prosthetics are directly influenced by the lab's quality. This is especially crucial for house-call dentists to avoid repeated adjustments and breaks, which can waste time and money.

3. Proximity: Consider the distance of the lab from your practice. Having a lab nearby can facilitate faster turnaround times, safe delivery, and the ability to discuss cases with the lab technician in person.

4. Workflow: Whether you choose a digital or analog workflow depends on the practicality of your house call practice and the procedures your patients demand. This decision will ultimately play a role in choosing a lab that aligns with your workflow preferences.

These factors have been instrumental in my practice, and I hope they provide valuable insights for your lab selection process as well! As we all venture into 2024 I’m excited to share some updates from the ResiDENTAL Movement.  I'm currently offering a 50% percent discount for the Official Membership program! Members can connect with like-minded dentists and gain access to exclusive resources and discounts. If you're interested, you can use Promo Code 2024 for a special discount on the annual membership fee.

Also, The Dental House Call Practice Academy, an online course designed to guide dentists through starting their house call practices, will be open for enrollment soon. If you're considering venturing into house-call dentistry, this course could be a valuable resource for you. As always I appreciate you.

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