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E46: Year-End Reflection for Dental Practices

As the New Year approaches I’m so grateful for a season of reflection and planning for how my house-call practice can both grow and serve members of my community. The New Year is always an ideal time to examine best practices for both tracking and evaluating where your house call practice is going in 2024.  

In this episode, I want to address the importance of conducting an end-of-year reflection on dental practices. I hope to emphasize the significance of tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) and offer actionable insights and tips to help dentists assess their practice's performance, set goals, and make informed decisions for the upcoming year.

From evaluating active patients and treatment scheduling to assessing revenue and expenses, this annual review will highlight the use of technology, such as EHR software and QuickBooks, to streamline data collection and analysis. Tune in to gain invaluable advice for implementing this reflective practice in your dental business and discover how it can lead to both professional and personal growth.

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