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E44: Determining the WHY Behind Your House Call Practice

Recently, here in my hometown of Buffalo, NY, we’ve had some snow. Now I'm sure that comes as little surprise to anyone who knows anything about Buffalo! I'm usually not the type to complain as soon as snow falls, but I want to mention the weather because the recent snow made me a bit nervous. Normally, I love snow. I enjoy skiing and think it's pretty, but this year feels different. However being pregnant, I can't go skiing, and with a new home, packing my car for house calls in the snow is a new experience for me. I'm being extra cautious as I move equipment around from house to house because slipping and falling could cause problems not just for me, but for the baby on the way.

Dealing with winter weather during pregnancy is just one of the challenges that house call dentistry has presented me with. Challenges are a natural part of this profession and I see them as opportunities to overcome and grow. When faced with challenges, I need to remember my WHY - why I do this every day. I always need to remind myself of the purpose behind my practice. Today, I want to share an exercise with you that can help you determine your WHY - the reason behind your practice and why you offer house calls.

This exercise is part of my course, Dental House Call Practice Academy (DHCPA). If you're new to this podcast, you may not be familiar with DHCPA. It's a comprehensive digital course that guides you through building your dental house-call practice step by step. I'm excited to share more about (DHCPA) in the coming weeks because I've received great feedback from students and an improved version will be available in the new year.

Listeners might think reflecting on your WHY is a bit cheesy, but trust me, it's one of the most crucial things you can do when planning your future. So I hope this episode sparks pondering some deeper questions and encourages you to take some time to reflect on your purpose and mission during these last weeks of 2023.

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