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E38: The Importance of Teamwork in House Call Dentistry

This week I wanted to share one of the things I absolutely love about my job as a solo practitioner - the freedom and independence it offers, paired with a true sense of teamwork. Now, I'm a people-loving extrovert, but there's something about seeing just a few patients a day and working independently that really suits me. Of course, for you, having a strong team might be more preferable, and the great thing is, you have the flexibility to structure your dental house call team however you like!

First and foremost, my family - my husband and kids - are my most important team. Taking care of them and myself in the morning sets the tone for a fantastic workday. It's important to nurture those relationships, no matter the size of your family. Then, there's Katie, my virtual assistant. She's incredible! She handles phones, billing, scheduling, referrals, and so much more. I honestly couldn't be productive or affective without her help. Having an administrative assistant, even if they're virtual, is truly invaluable. It allows me to focus on dentistry and do what I love.

In addition to my virtual assistant I collaborate with my hygienist friend Marianne. We have an absolute blast when I visit residential communities where she can join me. I also rely heavily on my local dental lab for high-quality prosthetics. They're so close that I don't even need their delivery service. But let me tell you, having a good relationship with a dental lab is an absolute must! You can choose one nearby or even farther away - it's all about finding what works best for you and your practice.

And of course, I can't forget about my local community! Dentists, physicians, and nurses - they play a crucial role in connecting me with patients who need in-home care. Building those relationships has been incredibly valuable. Last but certainly not least are the families of my patients. They assist with coordinating care and provide important medical history. In the end, while I may work alone on a day-to-day basis, house call dentistry is definitely a team effort. You can achieve a lot on your own, but having support makes everything even better. It's all about building the right team for you and your patients! I hope these insights are helpful as you consider your own house call team. I'm looking forward to connecting with you all soon.

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