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E32: An Interview with Dental Podcast Pioneer Dr. Alan Mead

This week we have a very special episode for you! You may already know that I’ve interviewed other house-call dentists here on the show. I’m excited to share that I recently had the honor of interviewing one of the very first dentist podcasters! If you're listening to this show, it’s likely that you listen to other dental podcasts too, so you may very well know this week’s guest, Dr. Alan Mead! Alan is a pioneer in the space of dental podcasting. Communication and education in dentistry has always been extremely formal. There are dental schools and dental conferences, but thanks to Alan there is the Very Dental Podcast, formerly known as the Dental Hacks podcast.

You likely know, especially based on last week’s episode, that I feel strongly about connecting with other dentists. Even though he isn’t a house-call dentist, Alan values a lot of things that you and I value, like time freedom and having other interests outside of dentistry. In this conversation, we address his early steps into dental podcasting, business ethics, mindset, and so much more. From discussing the challenges faced by dentists looking for alternatives to private practice to exploring the importance of work-life balance and developing a supportive community, this episode offers valuable insights and inspiration for dental professionals and individuals considering a career transition.

In addition to my interview with Dr. Mead, I’m excited to share that the ResiDENTAL Movement Official Membership is finally available! If you're interested in connecting with me and other dentists on their house call journey, please visit our membership page to enroll. In this private community, we'll share exclusive content and challenges, but we'll also meet monthly for Q&A. We'll meet another time each month, too, for Book Club. Finally, Official Membership includes discounts on any other ResiDENTAL Movement offers. I hope to see you inside of this official membership.

Thank you so so so much for tuning into this week’s episode. I am so grateful for your loyal listening. As always, whether you decide to pursue dental house calls or not, please consider supporting those in need by contributing to the Home Smile Care Foundation.

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