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E25: Does Every Patient Need Comp Care?

Did you know that I love when you reach out with questions?! You can always reach me at or DM residentalmovement on Instagram with questions.

This week’s episode is a response to a listener's question that I’m excited to discuss with you! They asked “Does every patient need comp care?” After discussing this more with the listener, we decided the more specific question he meant to ask was “Do you only offer comp care in your dental house call practice?” So, I’m going to answer both the original question AND the question that he meant to ask today.

The listener who asked this question is a chairside dentist who is strongly considering offering house calls. This listener may be at the same stage in their house call journey as you, so I hope you can benefit from this information, too.

I believe that comprehensive care is essential for most dental patients. When I provide in-home dental care through my practice, AccommoDental, I always start with a comprehensive oral exam and develop a treatment plan based on the patient's needs. I also make sure to see my patients regularly for recare visits.

However, I also recognize that not all patients are able or willing to pursue comprehensive care. Some may only have a specific issue that they need addressed, such as a broken tooth or abscess. For these patients, I offer limited exams and treatment plans to help them feel more comfortable.

Ultimately, I believe that we need to take a patient-centered approach to dental care and consider each individual's unique circumstances. This may mean deviating from the ideal treatment plan in certain cases, such as when a patient is nearing the end of their life.

If you're interested in supporting patients who struggle to afford in-home care, I encourage you to check out the Home Smile Care Foundation, a nonprofit organization that I co-founded with my loved ones.

Thank you for taking the time to read or listen to my thoughts on comprehensive dental care. I hope this information is helpful to you!

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