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Dental home care is a growing field that addresses access to care, offers a rewarding clinical career for dentists, and gives dentists the opportunity to enjoy an entirely different lifestyle.  If you're interested in offering in-home dental care,  I want to help you!  

The ResiDENTAL Movement exists to encourage, equip and empower dentists like you to offer dental house calls to patients who cannot get to a traditional dental office.  Dental home care needs to become normal, instead of novel or niche.  There are SO many patients who cannot get to a traditional dental office and there needs to be more dentists on the ground visiting patients in their homes! 

Check out the show notes or listen to the ResiDENTAL Movement podcast where myself and guests share our insights and experiences with you.  If you need help starting your dental house call practice, Dental House Call Practice Academy will guide you step by step through the process.  I also offer coaching to aspiring house calls dentists.  I really want to you help patients who cannot leave their homes.  

                                                                                                                        Much Love, 

Dr. Ashleigh Robinson

My Story

My desire to provide access to care led me to create my dental home care service, AccommoDental.  AccommoDental's mission is to offer dental services in the homes of patients who are best-served at home.  These patients may have limited mobility, cognitive impairment, emotional limitations, medical complications, phobias, or special needs.   

Since starting my dental home care service, I've felt like the luckiest dentist on the planet.  I get to visit wonderful, appreciative patients who haven't been able to access care for YEARS.  Plus, I have a flexible, profitable business that runs on my own terms.  I am beyond grateful for my rewarding clinical career.     


Quickly, I realized that there aren't enough dentists treating patients at home.  I get calls to visit the homes of patients who live HOURS away.  There is a great demand for dental home care and just not enough dentists who have even thought about doing dental house calls.  Still, I knew there COULD be enough dentists, if only they learned about the need, the flexibility of this field, and understood how to offer house calls.  

I started the ResiDENTAL Movement to encourage, equip and empower dentists to offer in-home care because I am on a mission to make in-home dental home widely available.  Dentists with house call practices will not only be able to increase access to care, but they'll be able to enjoy the lifestyle of an entirely different practice model.   

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